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Mobile Game Controller Universal Model Gamepad Joystick Mobile Gaming

Mobile Game Controller Universal Model Gamepad Joystick Mobile Gaming

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6 Finger Triggers] This new mobile game controller has two triggers on each side. With this game controller, you can play games with 6 fingers, say goodbye to finger numbness, shoot while moving, quickly improve skills, improve operational response, and reduce embarrassment.

[Easy Operation] You can use your index finger to push, rotate, aim and shoot at the same time, eliminating the hassle of using only your thumb for all operations. You can charge your phone while playing mobile games

[Alloy Trigger Button] This pair of fire and aim buttons with a mobile game trigger with a game controller provides you with a realistic physical joystick to improve the accuracy of touch screen-based games. Sensitive, does not delay, cannot escape. 

[Compatible with multiple games] Designed for games on iPhone iOS and Android, such as PUBG, Knives Out, rules of survival, survivors, important actions, etc. As long as the game allows key customization and dragging, you can play the best mobile game controller for guests.

Applicable models: The handle can be stretched from 70 to 95mm. Compatible with all different models of mobile phones.

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